The Story of the Horde

Well, I was blessed enough to be born to parents (the Horde Elders) that had already embraced their love of the Geek World. Those things that typically only 1 person in a family likes? We are a family of that.

People started joking about the Small Horde back when all 5 of us were playing Warhammer 40k. Let’s face is a female skipping down the hall saying “I’m going to go and kill Daddy” kind of stands out. (For those wondering I very rarely managed to kill him.)

Fast forwarding a few years during which I and the Horde grew, often by adoption, we get to 2018. This is the year that I really started doing things in Fandom/Geek World beyond just playing and lending a hand. I got asked if I would be willing to step up as a Track Director for Dragon Con! It was a complete surprise and a great honor.

Towards the end of 2018 I got asked to join a pod cast of all things! So 2019 saw me joining two great fellow veterans who had already started Sci-Fi Shenanigans. They also write some great books.

A few hops and skips later, I am here creating Horde Central as place to bring all the things I do together. Maybe other members of my Horde will join me in time. (I do have a history of dragging my Horde brethren along.)