Curious? Here are a Few Answers!

Why Horde?

Cause Horde means Family, Fandom, Community, and all things Geek!

What Exactly Do I Do?

All kind of things!

Officially? I am the Fantasy Literature Track Director for Dragon Con.

Recently, I joined a great group of fellow vets in their podcast
Sci-fi Shenanigans. Bad Ash Publishing is letting me help out with some behind the scenes stuff also.

Who Am I?

Yes, its a WAY old one of me but hey, I can do what I want.

Well, my name is Cisca Small. Despite being one of the shortest members of the Horde I not exactly what most think of as short. I am the oldest of spawn of my parents and can honestly say I don’t remember a time in my life without some sort of Geek thing going on.

When most kids were saying they wanted to be a doctor, teacher or whatever I was telling people I wanted to be “Just like Captain Picard only female and with hair.” Gods bless my parents, they never once told me that Starfleet was an impossible dream as a kid.

2001, a year that really took things to a new level. Why? Cause I attended Dragon Con for the first time. As a great friend says, “the home planet you never knew you left.” For me Dragon Con is more than a Con, it is community and many people who have become family to me. As I type this I realize that I started going at the age of 18, which means that Dragon has been a fixture of my entire adult life.

Over the years I have missed a few, running off to join the Army will do that. Officially? I was a medic. Unofficially? I became a “special projects” specialist. (Not my term, but it sounds better than the other options.)

Due to the twists and turns of my life I have ended up with two Bachelors of Science Degrees, a fearless Viking who severs as my True North and a whirl wind of friends, family, and of course the Horde.

Who says Fantasies don’t come true and Magic is not real?

Who Is In Horde?

Good, Question. For now I will refrain form dragging to many on here. A few who you will see me mention are Thug, Munchkin, Chuckles, and Viking.