Why Now?

Posted by on May 19, 2019 in General

Good question, one that came to mind when this crazy idea came to mind. The answer is a bit long, even though looking back at the past year it seems like this was an inevitable step. So couple of things came together at the same time:

1. Dragon Con, has decided to nuke all the individual Track web pages. (This makes a ton of sense for a lot of reasons.)

2. I joined the guys over at Sci-Fi Shenanigans.

JR Handley and Chris Winder seemed shocked that I didn’t have a website or blog going already. In a way I did -the Track web page where I put up things about Dragon Con. I was out growing its purpose as I was getting more involved with things beyond Dragon Con though. Oh, and as I said earlier Dragon Con Overlords were going to replace the Track web page.

Why was I out growing it? Cause wonderful people like Kacey Ezell kept asking me to review and share my opinion on Cons, books and other stuffs.

Despite thinking of myself as “just a background person on the fringe of things” I started this, Horde Central. Tuns out I was not as background or fringe as I thought. Jody and Bill (plus others) had been noting the things I did all along.

While there will be a lot of stuff about the things I do there is room enough to grow this to include those I drag along.

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